Catalysts for Oil Refining Industry

Catalysts for Oil Refining Industry
Product Details

Aluminum sulfate powder used for synthetic catalyst production, and applied to oil refining industry.

Catalysts for Oil Refining Industry

Name of Index

Standard Value

Test Value




(Fe) Content,%

≤ 0.0050


Water Insoluble Content,%

≤ 0.050


PH (1% water soluble) Content,%

≥ 3.0


Screen Analysis

95% can through #60 screen

95% can through #60 screen

  • Applications: Used for synthetic catalyst production and in refining, these alumina catalysts are used to make gasoline and diesel fuels from lower grades of crude oil. Alumina catalysts are also used to refine resids, tar sands and heavier fractions produced in the refinery.

  • Shape: Granular or Powder.

  • Packing: PP/PE 50kg/bag; 25kg/bag; Jumbo bag or as customers'requirements.

  • QTY/CTNs: 20-25MT will be loaded in per 20'FCL container. (to use wooden pallets or not)