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Liquid Aluminum Sulfate In The Paper Industry Water Treatment Are Playing A Very Important Role

Nov 01, 2017

Liquid aluminum sulfate is a white orthorhombic crystalline powder, widely used in the paper industry, water treatment are playing a very important role. So what other aspects of it in addition to it?

1. Liquid aluminum sulfate used as an effective crosslinking agent for animal glue, and can improve the viscosity of animal glue. Also used as urea curing agent curing agent, 20% aqueous solution curing faster. Paper industry as rosin glue, wax emulsion and other compounds of the precipitant, water treatment as a flocculant, but also for the foam fire extinguisher, the manufacture of alum, aluminum white raw materials, oil bleaching, deodorant, some drugs Of raw materials and so on. But also the manufacture of artificial gemstones and higher ammonium alum. Arsenic content of not more than 5mg / kg of the product can be used for water treatment flocculant.

2. Paper industry as a paper sizing agent to enhance the paper's water, impermeability;

3. Used as a turbid water purification agent, also used as a precipitant, fixing agent, filler and so on. Used in cosmetics as antiperspirant cosmetics raw materials (astringent);

4. Dissolved in water can make the water in the small particles and natural particles condensed into large pieces of floc, and thus removed from the water, it is used as water and wastewater coagulant;

5. Fire industry, with baking soda, foaming agent composed of foam fire extinguishing agent;

6. Analysis reagents, mordant, tanning agent, oil decolorizer, wood preservative;

7. Albumin pasteurization stabilizer (including liquid or frozen whole egg, protein or egg yolk);

8. Can be used as raw materials for the manufacture of artificial gemstones and higher ammonium alum, other aluminates;

9. In the fuel industry, in the production of chrome yellow and lake dye as a precipitant, while the role of fixing and filling agent.